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We all want to be part of the current trends in fashion and if you are a lover of gold chains you will know that choosing your ideal style is one of the most difficult tasks. Here we give you the best advice to make that task the best choice of your life. 

Gold chain styles

To start guiding you in the choice of your ideal gold chain, you have to take into account that there are several styles and their name is assigned according to the weave of the links. We present you the 5 best gold chains.

Byzantine gold chain.


 At first sight it can be a flexible fabric, it is a chain with links interlaced in different directions, with a sophisticated style.





Figaro style gold chain.


It is of Italian origin. The links are not uniform, meaning that two or three small links and one larger link can be presented. It is an imposing model giving an image of success and richness. 





Turkish diamond cutting chain.


This style is one of the most delicate, generates a spiral effect. Out of the ordinary and yet not extravagant with smooth and fine finishes. 






Cuban chain.


The perfect gift for him, no doubt is a gold chain with Cuban links. In this style of chain the links are thick and it is used for slave girls and men's chains. It brings a masculine touch and at the same time it is elegant.




Italian-cut rope.


They are links that are linked in an oval shape generating a spiral effect, with Italian cut, detailing an elegant and minimalist style.





Do you know how to choose your ideal gold chain?

To choose a good accessory you must consider several aspects, the accessories can vary according to the day, the night, the weather and the events to be presented. In this sense, you can consider the size and the thickness of the accessory.

When choosing your ideal gold chain, you must also take into account the use and style you want to wear with your gold chain. Before purchasing it, think about what you want to transmit, whether it is security, delicacy, success, firmness or elegance.

For everyday use you can consider a soft and delicate gold chain style, small or medium size. The message you convey will be subtle.

Used on occasions, corporate or social events, you can use a gold chain a little more striking, noticeable and bright if you want to show your personality of firmness and at the same time elegant, not influence the carat, but the style, size and thickness.  

Gold chains according to carat and design

Do you get carried away by the amount of carats when you buy a gold chain?

If your ideal gold chain depends on the karats it has, take into account that these are directly proportional to the size and price. Gold is made up of 24 pieces, that is, if your chain is 24K, it contains 100% gold without being mixed with any other metal. When the chain contains less karats it is usually mixed with another type of metal to give it more strength and firmness, because pure gold tends to be weak.

Gold chain design is very subjective to what you look for and idealize according to your tastes and personality. The styles can have simple, minimalist cuts or can be rough and showy without losing the elegance. To know that it is your ideal gold chain you must feel at ease, in accordance and in total comfort with the size and style you choose.

The design on gold chains changes according to the cut and size, however there are other styles that fit the shape of your neck such as "choker" type chains or traditional chains that fall down the chest either short or long reaching the height of the heart.

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