The colors of gold and its purity: how to distinguish them

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There are different types of gold colors used in jewelry, this is achieved by mixing with different metals. For example, a piece of red gold can be of better quality than a piece of white gold or vice versa.

Keep in mind that the quality of each piece of jewelry will also depend on the type of gold and it will also differ according to the amount of karats it has. In the case of gold when combined with other metals it becomes stronger and you get more resistant results in each jewel.

Les couleurs les plus courantes sont le jaune, le blanc et le rose. De nombreux bijoutiers utilisent différents pourcentages qui donnent à l'or des tons complètement différents.

L'or a une couleur jaune vif et est facilement déformable. Il y a des professionnels qui combinent l'or avec d'autres métaux, par exemple, l'or avec des nuances de bleu, de violet et de noir.

Les métaux avec lesquels l'or est généralement allié sont le cuivre, l'argent, le palladium, le fer et le nickel. Pour obtenir les différentes couleurs d'or que nous vous montrerons, vous aurez besoin de la combinaison de chacun de ces éléments.

Here is a guide to all the colors of gold and how to identify its purity.

The colors of gold

Pink gold

It is one of the most demanded and most beautiful in terms of tonality because of its delicacy. It is the result of the combination of gold with silver and copper. To obtain this color 70% copper and 30% silver are combined. It has become very popular in fine jewelry, transmits delicacy and has become a symbol of tenderness, love and elegance in addition to being feminine.

Yellow gold

It is the color of gold. It is usually 18 or 24 carats. A piece can be gold plated or pure gold, professionally there are multiple methods to determine if the piece is pure. It is the most classic color and the one that has fascinated the consumer through the years, because of its tonality and beauty it is ideal for making fine jewelry, such as engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants.

The carat value changes according to the country you are in, in the United States the 24 carat value is considered better.

White gold

This gold is 18 karat and you can get it by mixing 75% gold and 25% white metals like silver. This color is becoming more and more popular, it transmits cleanliness, elegance and sobriety. It is usually used alone in combination with stones such as diamonds. You will also find this presentation in engagement or wedding rings.

Red gold

To obtain this color only gold and copper should be mixed. In addition to the shade, copper gives more resistance to the red colored alloy.

Black gold

In recent days, this color has become a trend, gaining strength, especially in wedding rings. It brings elegance and versatility.

It is obtained in two ways, yellow gold is mixed with another metal like cobalt and the second way, is the most common to obtain black gold. The piece of jewelry is plated with a black finish and in it, usually with black rhodium.

Distinguishing the purity of gold

We know that gold is a precious metal and has a sentimental and economic value of great importance. When you buy a piece of jewelry, you must be sure that it is real gold.

Now that you know the difference in the colors of gold, the combination of metals to obtain them, it won't be difficult to recognize the type of gold that is the jewel you are going to acquire. If you buy it in a renowned jewelry store, you can be sure that the gold will be of the best quality, but if it is made in another store, you should make sure that what you are buying is pure gold and not just a bath.

Here are four simple ways to distinguish the purity of a piece of gold:

One of the simplest ways to distinguish its purity is by analyzing the piece, usually each piece of gold has a mark that indicates the purity of this or the karats it has. Not finding this engraved mark may indicate that it is possibly a fake piece. Pay attention also if you find such a mark, because it does not indicate that it is 100% authentic.

The next simple way to check if you have a piece of authentic gold is, by observing the color of the gold, if it is uniform and has no signs of wear or the appearance of other metal.

- The magnet test is a basic, but very effective method to know if the jewel we have is gold. Many times it can be a gold-plated metal material.

You must have a magnet with a certain degree of power, it is known that gold is not a magnetic metal and in case the magnet and the piece come close, you will be checking that it is not real gold.

- Have you heard that rubbing gold with ceramics helps you to verify its purity? Believe it or not! this method is very common and consists of rubbing gold against a piece of unglazed ceramic. If the color that leaves the piece in the ceramic is dark or black it can be a piece that is not real gold.

Recommendation! When you want to check if your gold piece is authentic and pure, you should go to a professional or a prestigious establishment.

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