Jewels that every modern woman should have

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Jewelry has been an important part of human life. Present in the history of mankind since the most ancient civilizations, they are so appreciated because they have the purpose of highlighting the natural beauty of those who wear them. Their choice is related to the taste and a wise way to choose them is acording with the message you want to convey: delicacy, security, elegance, to mention a few. 

As they are durable, the jewels are chosen for the purpose of being worn on many occasions. The variety in types of materials, stones and designs are wide and this allows you to choose them taking into account also the place and time you want to show off. 

A pair of earrings given as a gift from father to daughter can be passed on from generation to generation, keeping sweet and memorable stories.  When sentimental ties endure over time, they become part of them and they become enveloped by them. 

Thanks to the various types of materials, stones, and styles the jewelry is unique. Pearls, precious stones, crystals, threads, pendants, are part of the countless list of elements that give way to unique creations. 

Earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets, watches, are a must in the accessories of a modern woman. Your choices should be in line with fashion, but also with personal style. Jewelry should celebrate and make the wearer feel special, so that it also provides poise and security.   

In this sense, a sophisticated and confident woman will choose her accessories taking into account the occasion and the place to wear her pieces.  A modern woman should opt for a style of jewelry that favors her, that contributes to her poise and elegance, because the purpose is to look impeccable.

The ABC's of wearing your jewelry

That infallible look that every modern woman must transmit is achieved through self-knowledge. Renewing jewelry from time to time may be important but not as important as knowing what to wear at the right time. These examples of how to get the best out of them will surely be important for your next purchase:

  • Chains made of pink, white or yellow gold, just like silver, help to generate distinguished styles. A chain made of Singapore-type fabric, or made of alternating bar fabric, combined with a medium pendant, is ideal for transmitting freshness to executive or casual looks. Earrings to match the pendant can be a good choice to wear on a daily basis.
  • On the other hand, chains with Solomon or Greek cord type fabric, which are thicker, can contribute to a sober and elegant look when combined with medium-thick earrings. These looks can be great to wear in meetings or gatherings where impeccable image is highly valued.
  • Big necklaces are definitely a must have. When using them you must take perfect care of your makeup and hairstyle, the attention will be on the top. They can be reserved for evening wear, with single-bottomed, v-cut dresses being perfect; but they can also be worn by day on a basic white collared shirt, conveying a fresh image.
  • On the other hand, the earrings stuck to the lobe like crystals, or the rings can be worn during the day with formal or casual looks, transmitting a fresh and relaxed image.
  • Soberly designed diamonds can be made to look good at formal gatherings, such as a business or family dinner. It doesn't take much to convey a classy image.
  • The rings, on the other hand, must bring delicacy. Their use code indicates that they should be chosen according to the size of the hand. A thick ring will seem coarse if it is on a small hand, as opposed to a large hand. In addition, a ring and watch is sufficient accessory on one hand; and if preferred, a ring and bracelet will suffice.

What do the jewels say about you?

When it comes to taste, one style of jewellery cannot be relegated to another, rather it is a matter of choosing it wisely. If you want to look elegantly discreet, then small and thin jewels will help in this purpose; if you want to steal the spotlight, the most striking jewels in shapes, sizes and colours will be the ones to choose.

Pearls and diamonds are the protagonists of big occasions, but sober designs can also be used to achieve a discreet elegance for important meetings, without looking overloaded or out of place.

It is also important that the style of the jewelry harmonizes with the face to look good. Oval faces suit almost all styles of earrings and necklaces, especially rings. Square faces may look better with long earrings, as do long chains and charms that may end in points such as leaves or hearts.

While the circular type faces can make their best use by wearing long earrings with elongated geometric designs. They can also make good use of long chains with large pendants.

Square faces can wear curvilinear earrings, while large ones are more suitable. As well as chains with designs that end in points.

In terms of jewelry, there is nothing written in stone. Fashions come and go, so it is vital to find a style for each one, to feel unique and to transmit a neat, delicate image.

How to take care of the jewels?

Behind every piece there is a story, which becomes more and more personal as it is worn. That's why jewelry care is important. One piece of advice that will help to keep it as new is to wear it when you have finished with the personal arrangement and have even put on the perfume. This will prevent the jewellery from having cream or perfume residues.

It is important to remove your jewelry when you take a bath or wash your hands. They should also not be worn when bathing in the pool or sea. Soaps may have chemicals that will cloudy or damage stones or pearls, as well as chlorine and sea salt. In any case, it is better to avoid them.

When storing, it is important to consider that diamonds can scratch other jewels, so they should be kept in their velvet bag. Pearls should also be kept in their exclusive container.

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